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Prohibited Use of Star / Logo

The use or copying of any seal, star, logo or badge of IRCSO is restricted by law. Any use of the seal, star logo or badge of IRCSO is prohibited without written permission. It is further prohibited to download, use, disseminate, publish or copy the seal, star, logo or badge displayed on this Web Site. You may not remove or obscure the trademark/copyright notice(s) contained in the materials in this Web Site. Copyright and trademark infringement are violations of federal law, are subject to criminal and civil penalties and will be investigated and prosecuted.


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Agreement Terms

Use of media bearing the IRCSO logo in any shape, manner or medium constitutes your acceptance to the conditions below.

  • You may use the logos for the sole purpose of linking to the ircso web site at www.ircsheriff.org. You must link directly to the homepage at www.ircsheriff.org, and not to any other page on the ircso web site or to any other web site. you may not frame or alter the appearance of the ircso web site in any way. you agree not to use the logos for any other purpose.
  • You agree not to alter the logos in any way, or to combine them with any other names, marks or logos.
  • You agree not to use the logos in any manner likely to give the impression that you are affiliated with ircso or that ircso has sponsored or endorsed your web site, products and / or services.
  • You agree and acknowledge that this is not a trademark license by which you are using the logos to indicate the origin of source of any product or service you offer.
  • You agree and acknowledge that ircso is the sole owner of all rights in the logos, and that your use of the logos will inure to the benefit of ircso. you agree not to adopt, use, register, or attempt to register anywhere in the world any logos, trademark, service mark, trade name or domain name confusingly similar to the logos. you agree that you will not at any time contest or challenge ircso's rights to the logo.
  • IRCSO disclaims all warranties, express and implied, regarding the logo, including warranties against infringement. you agree to indemnify ircso from and against any and all claims and liabilities arising out of your use of the logos.
  • IRCSO, in its sole discretion, may terminate or modify your permission to use the logos at any time. you agree that upon ircso's termination of your permission to use the logos, you will immediately cease all further use of the logos and any other similar mark, name or logos.